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The Beatles

Report to the Beatles

The Beatles - History As everyone knows, the story of The Beatles started in Liverpool, a port city and industrial center of London, with an intense maritime traffic to the U.S. and European ports.
John Lennon and Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) born in 1940, in 1942 Paul McCartney and George Harrison in 1943. The lives of all of them was the guys from lower middle class neighborhood. The more turbulent childhood was that of Lennon, whose father left her mother who, in turn, died hit by a drunken policeman. On the contrary (as usual) it had the opposite role McCartney, who was born in a more "normal" in which he received his first music notions.

The beginnings of The Beatles started from the first performances in student parties and family ceremonies and church halls with different configurations and names as The Quarrymen. The group will sail to Hamburg professionalized when John, Paul and George (three guitars) plus Stuclife Stuart on bass and Pete Best on drums. Hamburg is where the group really is polished in endless nights playing at full volume in seedy bars.

Back in Liverpool (in Hamburg Stuclife left) began to play regularly at the Cavern pub dance with live music daily. This pub, now demolished, is the true starting point of the legend. In one of these performances are seen by Brian Epstein, a businessman who ran a record store, who will get a session with George Martin, a producer at EMI spent looking for new talent. In the auditions, Martin decided he did not like how he played Pete Best and the rest of the group decided to slip so you burn the disc and pulled Ringo Starr. In September 1962 he recorded Love Me Do you get an acceptable success and reaching the Top 20 singles, which opens the way to start a successful national tour. In 1963, Please, Please Me reaches number one in England and the Beatles' fame begins to grow excessively.

In mid-1963 he released his first LP Please Please Me having a runaway success and from there began a carreara unstoppable success. With the tour of the United States, his reputation and global reach is the highest honor when the Queen of England were named knights of the Empire (among other protests beens) and when elected to inaugurate All you need is love the first international television channel.

However, exhausted from touring, presentations, public speeches, tributes, etc.., The Beatles abandoned live concerts from 1966 (his songs also had become too comlejas to be performed live) and dedicate to make records.

Since 1968, relations between Lennon and McCartney begin to tense. Do not think you should only the appearance of Yoko Ono or entrepreneurial aspirations of McCartney and his environment; surely be all that and much more and, most importantly, the fact that besides being a genius, should have been some people tough it perfect for fifteen years without fighting, being as diverse as they were. Since 1969, the group ceases to exist as such. It records the movie / documentary Let It Be and while performing the production and assembly process of the LP and movie, record a new album, Abbey Road in collecting their latest tracks, unfinished business and a kind of mix of remains . This is the last thing I do. When they leave the disc and the film Let It Be in 1970, the gupo gone.

The group, on the other hand, never met again and do it again by the tragic death of John Lennon, who was murdered in 1980 in New York. Technology has made it possible to publish still unreleased Lennon's voice and other experiments but, of course, is no longer the same.

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