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Video Of introduction For Nelson Rodriguez (noslenket)

This is a video of Introduction of the blog that talk about the principals songs for me and groups of the most importants since the classic age to the actually age, also agree one of my favourites bands of my experienced in the English and the thematic of this blog (the rock music), you can see and talk or discuss in my blog about this and wait that your opinion be a constructive critical of my character about the thematic.
That you pass a good day and make your dreams in the real world of each one!

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Nelson David Rodriguez Morales
This is a Presentation Of My Third Semester that when I (Nelson Rodriguez - Noslenket) and other partners (John Leon Poveda and Anderson) (one of my career and the other is a person of the same group of English) had be a presentation over the Interview about crossing the Antarctic Ocean. in that remember the life of an important person who is Ernest Shackleton and the captain of the ship Worsley and your adventures acroos the Antatic Ocean, And important experience and surviver adventure.

Our history is about the survive in the Antarctic Ocean and across around to the Ocean. This experience have about of two years, been exactly six hundred thirty four days, the journey is a real history about the successful of Ernest Shackleton and the captain of the ship Worsley. In this history went to the journey for about twenty eight people which has the crew members of the ship, in the end of the journey all the people survive of the Ocean, and the first ship sank and the characters had to go to the others ships and the nears countries lent the ships.
Interview about crossing the Antarctic Ocean

Scene 1:
Good afternoon, today we are going to talk about one of the biggest success in the last century; the cross of the Antarctic in nineteen eleven.  This was accomplished by Ernest Shackleton and twenty eight other crew members.
Us: We welcome Ernest Shackleton and Worsley, crew member and captain of the ship.
Please tell us about this journey.
Ernest: Well, first of all, thank you very much for invite us to your program. This travel experience became one of the most interesting of our lives.  The moment when we crossed the North Pole was very exciting as well as the survival challenges we faced. Is more interesting travel around the travel than the south. We thought it was going to take us one hundred and twenty days to complete this journey, but it took us much longer than that.
Interviewer: Ok ja ja ja. I hear about your trip from the Wesell Sea to the Ross Sea. What other places did you travel to? Please tell us about it, Worsley.
Worsley: Oh, I do not remember exactly all the place we travel to. I remember Ocean camp. This was the place where we camped for the first time after the ship sunk. I also remember the island of Paules, and the island of Gregoria. To arrive there we had to pass the internal sea. We were very happy to finally arrive to firm land.
Ernest: Yes, but we had to return to the Elephant island to pick up other crew members. We also had to take Mac Neish and a seaman that was very sick to the south of Gregoria Island. After that, we continue the route and traveled to Falkland Island for ice.
Interviewer: Can you tell me how long the journey was?
Worsley: It took about six hundred and thirty four days. Almost two years to complete. We could write a book about it.
See us an scene when Ernest Shackleton of who surviving in the South Pole.
Scene 2:
Shackleton: Pass me the fishing rod for catch a seal or a fish.
Worsley: Wait! that I was catching a big salmon. Its great!
Shackleton: Good!. This is seeying tasty and the biggest salmon that I never had seen.
Worsley: Oh In the end obtain us the fish.
Shackleton: Now we are going to cook this fish in a torch, prepare you the torch in a dry space, near to this tree.
Wosley: OK it’s a tasty food but wait here while I get some sticks and you bring a tray (batea) whit dry leaf in the equipment.
Shackleton: OK It is perfect. Already we see us.
Scene 3:
Interviewer: (laugh) that would be fine. This has become a goal for many travelers and survivors. Can you tell me what kind of food did you have during all this time? Oh, one more thing that remains unclear, after the ship sunk, who continue the travel?
Ernest: Regarding your first question, we varied the diet and ate healthy. As you know we live of fishing and catching penguins and seals. At that time, that was the only food we had at the moment to survive. Also, we read in encyclopedias about the things you should do to keep your spirit alive.
Interviewer: Oh, you have to have very high expectations to obtain such difficult goal. Not everyone is capable of crossing the sea around North Pole.
Worsley: (to Ernest). Ok my friend, but you have not answered the second question.
Ernest: We sailed in whaling “Southern Sky”, picked up our partners at the Elephant Island. Here the Uruguaya government gave us a haul ship (Barco Arrastero). From Punta Arena, with the Britain’s residents help, we called Emma and finally arrived to our destiny in a Chilen ship the “Yelcho”.
Interviewer: Can you tell me, what is very funny is that your big ship sunk, and the small ones didn’t.  This was a huge success and the history of the century, not only because not one new the routes but because all the crew members survived.
Shackleton: Yes and this success was based in two principles: have the proper equipment and the fighting spirit.

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all the part of the world

Level 4 English for Agrarian Colombian Fundation 

Hello Partners and Users this blog is a resource presented who initiative for get out a flout our knowing about the English resources that I meaning into all our life, and also is a important degrade for our class of English of four level.
I Wait that be an important help, entertainment and conceptual resource for yours.
Is very important for our continue whit this process of knowing who the vocabulary, the listening and the grammatical settings, and maybe We can give some listening exercises about the unity new of a new topic of English = The Music of Classic Ages and Modern Ages for the population in general, principally for the young people that maybe want to discover new sensations and information about a topic many large who the Music for Olds Ages to Actually in that in some occasions happen who a resource principal of entertainment.

I talk about The Beatles, The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and other important Bands of North America and England, and also some Irish who U2, and of other many sites of country of all the part of the world.

For Create a Song in any aspect of the new life should to access to a site or evoke some feeling of which we need put into and make that all flow for naturalness namely that each thing that make we do whit fluency and of the heart, is for this that's why music is an important aspect of company and illusion. Is of this form who we cover it in harmony and peace in the heart, The feeling more beautiful of that can to express is the love and whit all the that the big father of the life like communicate us.
The music is one of the artistic classes that more produce feelings in the Heart and sometimes relaxing the mind and moved by the spirit is for that than in this blog we are going to talk, write and express about the music that more generate in us moments of laugh, crying, to express, Transportate since strange worlds to the real world of each one, when we life, an example of this is who when we remember when we be littler (smaller)  or re imagine this situation and experience that we make reflect the best of us, an experience why some people of effective form of a friend, the boyfriend, the girlfriend,  or maybe the same wedding or married couple whit that your like all the days in the case of listen the classic music or other music of our like, lying in our bed or on the sofa.




In this experience genres like the classic rock and the modern rock or contemporany for example the alternative, the rock ballad, or the rock&pop, or even the heavy metal that sometimes take us from experiences expected environments and dreams that like life to a world a little world a little rough the need not evoke escape if not our very being, an exemplary case of lives they want to communicate through of the music and want to leave a legacy is as in the case of instrumental music and the same classic, in which there is a world language and music is no need for someone to sing if that target instruments evoke the sound and the preciousness of melody, rhythm and harmony, and that even today there are stations that turn classic rock instrumental music without losing the feeling that put in composing the song, but the music also has a meaning and why most rock artists you want to put letters and even evoke a meaning relative to the direction of humanity.

A fact that is to play an important role in the world and convey that same condition of modern man sensitive and whit much  miss to evoke love and reflect the divinity of God as it is by which these feelings occur and we want to generate and transmit a feeling compose or something we want to express.

Example of groups that have cought influence in the field of American rock, Irish, and English can be placed sideways at Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Scorpions, Queen , The Yardbirds, The Police, the Cream, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, the Shadows and U2 have expressed the best of themselves and have transmitted evocations in other groups and artists today who we love as Coldplay, Keane, The Killers, Foo Fighters, Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, REM, Oasis, Radiohead, Muse, Blur, Green Day, Blink 182, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, The Cure, The Verve, The Depeche Mode, AC.DC., Tokio Hotel, The Hall Efect And The Mills and still are an important part in our life daily and continue with that fascination continue composing.

There are different types of international music mainly from North America and from all parts of the world as Jamaican reggae led by Bob Marley and The Wailers, rock and jazz in North America led by Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, punk rock America led by The Clash, The Sex Pistols and The Ramones, there are also important Alternative Rock Groups like The progressive rock of England led by Pink Floyd, The Progressive Punk or pop punk led by Blink 182 and Green Day, The Instrumental rock led by The Shadows and The Ventures and other Colombians who sing in English as The Hall Effect, The Mills, The Black Cat Bones and Others.
Today there are even groups of Christian rock music like Stryper, Delirious, Skillet, Switchfoot, Thousand Foot Krutch, Decyfer Down, Underoath, Legend Seven, Kutless, Relient K and, among others including major American music artists Rock & roll gospel interpreted as Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, a style that emerged from ancient times in transcendence African American
For example the music of Coldplay and Keane that evokes feelings of love as in the case of Yellow, The Scientist, Fix You and Bed Shaped and life cases in which it becomes a beautiful world but seeks to dream as For example Dont Panic, Cristall Ball, Perfect Simmetry and Somewhere Only We Know and fulfill our dreams as in the case of John Lennon whit your pacific song of the all the time: Imagine, and some that talk about new experiences as Clocks, In My Place, Speed
​​Of Sounds, other groups like Radiohead which works a little sense existentialist man like "Karma Police", "Creep" or "Fake Plastic Trees" or like Pink Floyd that besides this tube an important aspect in the lives of the people of his time for being a Protestant and therefore itself to what was living in the time or REM whit your "Losing My Religion" as talking about what the man is exposed or "Every Body Hurts" that is over on human pains or Imitation of The life in your video that there are several people gathered at a party and you look at the attitude of each slightly of the human condition, or The Cure and somewhat fanciful or more well fantastic way of expressing love and feelings to evoke the spirit, and Green Day and Blink 182 are of the best bands in Pop Punk sense of living the alternative paint American young of today as in the case of Holiday, She, Stay Together for the Kids and First Days, plus some strong as "A Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" of youth protests as American Idiot, "Jesus Of Suburbia" which is one of the best songs of Punk which has a long duration, and other dreams of love and precisely as pop style like "21 Guns", "I Miss You", "Wake Me Up When Septembers Ends" and many classic songs as Elvis Presley and the Beatles like have infinite speed towards what is the dance of love as "Across the Universe", All You Need Is Love or the primitive "Please, Please Me," "Love Me Do" AND "I wANT To Hold yOUR hAND". Do, other very nice reflection and best of all the universe not only for young people but for music lovers of any age as "Hey Jude", "Let it Be" Or "Yesterday" as a condition of man in a flashy new music bum any boy of any age, for their melodic and instrumental repertoire. From classic songs like Wipe Out by The Ventures to modern songs as "Silence By The Night", and "Charlie Brown", or "Paradise" of groups who Keane and Coldplay
Respectively they attempt to discuss in this blog.


Introducción En Español:

Para crear una canción en cualquier aspecto de la vida nuevo hay que acceder a un sitio o evocar algún sentimiento del cual necesitamos adentrarnos y hacer que todo fluya por naturalidad es decir que cada cosa que hagamos nos salga con fluidez y del corazón, es por eso que la música es una vertiente importante de compañía e ilusión. Es así como nos recubrimos de armonía y paz en el corazón, el sentimiento más bello del que podemos expresarnos es el amor y con el todo lo que el gran padre de la vida nos quiere comunicar.
La música es una de las clases artísticas que mas evocan o producen sentimientos en el corazón y a veces incluso relajan la mente y conmueven el espíritu es por eso que en este blog vamos a hablar de la música que mas nos ha generado ganas de reír, llorar, expresarnos, transportándonos desde mundos desconocidos hasta la realidad, cuando vivimos un ejemplo de ello es como cuando nos hacemos pequeños otra vez reviviendo y reimaginando experiencias que nos hacen reflejar lo mejor de nosotros, una experiencia con alguna persona de manera afectiva un amigo, amiga, novio o novia, o incluso la misma pareja con la que vives todos los días en el caso de escuchar la música clásica o otra música de nuestro agrado acostado en la cama o en un sillón,

En esta experiencia géneros como el rock clásico y el rock moderno o contemporáneo por ejemplo el alternativo, la balada rock o el rock & pop, o incluso el heavy metal que a veces nos transportan desde ambientes de vivencias esperadas y sueños que queremos vivir hasta un mundo un poco rudo del que no necesitamos escapar si no evocar nuestros ser mismo,
un caso ejemplar de vidas que se quieren comunicar a través de la música y que quieren dejar un legado es como en el caso de la música instrumental y la misma clásica, en la cual se tiene un lenguaje mundial como es la música sin necesidad de que alguien la cante si no que instrumentos que se dirigen a evocar la sonoridad y la preciosidad de una melodía, un ritmo y una armonía, y que incluso hoy en día existen emisoras que convierten esos clásicos del rock en música instrumental sin perder el sentimiento que se le puso al componer la canción, sin embargo la música también tiene un significado y por eso la mayoría de artistas de rock le ponen letras y quieren evocar un significado mas aun relativo a la dirección de la humanidad.

Un hecho del que se pretende jugar un papel importante en el mundo y transmitir esa misma condición del hombre actual sensible y con muchas ganas de evocar amor y reflejar la misma divinidad de Dios en cuanto es por parte de el que se producen todas estas sensaciones y nos genera ganas de componer y transmitir un sentimiento o algo que queremos expresar.

Ejemplo de grupos que han trascendido en el ámbito del rock norteamericano, irlandés, e ingles podemos colocar de reojo a Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Scorpions Queen, The Yardbirds, The police, The Cream, Eric Clapton, Elthon John, Paul mcCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr The Shadows y U2 que han expresado lo mejor de si mismos y han transmitido evocaciones en otros grupos y artistas actuales que tanto nos gustan como Coldplay, Keane, The Killers, Foo Figthers, Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, R.E.M. Oasis RadioHead, Green Day, Blink 182, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, The Cure, The Rollings Stones The Verve The Depeche Mode, Muse, Blur, AC.DC., Tokio Hotel, The Hall Efect Y The Mills y que todavía forman parte importante en nuestra vida cotidiana y todabia siguen con esa fascinación de seguir componiendo
The Music is one of the artistic clases that more
Existen diferentes tipos de música internacional de origen norteamericano principalmente o provenientes de todas las partes del mundo como el reggae de Jamaica liderado por Bob Marley y The Wailers, el rock y el jazz de Norteamérica liderado por Frank Sinatra y Elvis Presley, el punk rock de Norteamérica liderado por The Clash, tambien Existen Grupos importantes de Rock Alternavtivo The Sex pistols y The Ramones, El rock progresivo de Inglaterra liderado por Pink Floyd, El Punk Progresivo o pop punk liderado por Blink 182 y Green Day, El rock Instrumental liderado por The Shadows y The Ventures y otros Colombianos que Cantan en Ingles como The Hall Effect, The Mills, The Black cat Bones Entre otros.
Hoy en día existen incluso grupos de rock de música cristiana como por ejemplo Stryper, Delirious?, Skillet, Switchfoot, Thousand Foot Krutch, Decyfer Down, Underoath Legend Seven, Kutless, y Relient K, entre otros incluso en la música norteamericana artistas importantes de Rock&roll interpretaban gospel como Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, estilo que surgió de épocas remotas en la trascendencia afroamericana
Por ejemplo la música de Coldplay y Keane que evoca sentimientos sobre el amor como en el caso de Yellow, The Scientist, Bed Shapped y Fix You y la casos de la vida en el que se torna un mundo bello pero que busca que soñemos como en el caso de Dont Panic, Cristall Ball y cumplamos nuestros sueños como en el caso de Imagine de Jhon Lennon, y algunas que hablan sobre las experiencias nuevas como Clocks, In My Place, Speed Of Soundo Radiohead en el cual se trabaja el sentido un poco existencialista del hombre como en Karma Police, Creep o Fake Plastic Trees al igual que Pink floyd que además de este aspecto tubo un aspecto importante en la vida de las personas de su epoca por ser un tanto protestante y propio para lo que se estaba viviendo en la época o R.E.M. como Losing My Religión que habla sobre a lo que el hombre esta expuesto o Every body Hurts Sobre el dolor humano o Imitation of The life en el que en su video hay varias personas reunidas en una fiesta y se mira la actitud de cada una un poco de la condición humana, o The Cure y su forma un tanto fantasiosa de expresar el amor y los sentimientos de evocacion del espiritu y Green Day y Blink 182 que son de las mejores bandas de Punk que en su sentido de Punk alternativo pintan la vivencia del joven americano hoy en día como en el caso de Holiday, She, Stay Toguheter for The Kids o First Days, ademas algunas fuertes como A Boulevard Of Broken Dreams de protestas juveniles como American idiot, Jesús Of Suburbia que es de las mejores canciones de Punk que tiene una duracion larga, y otras de amor y sueños precisamente del estilo pop como, 21 Guns, I Miss You, o Wake Me Up When Septembers Ends y muchas canciones clasicas que como The Beatles comoy Elvis Presley tienen una velocidad infinita hacia lo que es el dance del amor como accross the universe, all you ned is love o las primigenias Please Please Me, Love Me Do Y i wANT TO HOLD yOUR hANDS, otras de reflexión muy lindas y de las mejores de todo el universo no solo para jóvenes sino para melómanos de cualquier epoca como Hey Jude, Let it Be O Yesterday   como condicion del hombre en un nuevo bum de música llamativa a cualquier joven de cualquier época, por su amplio repertorio melodico e instrumental. Desde canciones Clasicas como Wipe Out de The Ventures hasta canciones actules como Silence By The Night Y Charlie Brown, o Paradise de Keane Y Coldplay Respectivamente se Intentara Discutir En este Blog.