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Nelson David Rodriguez Morales
This is a Presentation Of My Third Semester that when I (Nelson Rodriguez - Noslenket) and other partners (John Leon Poveda and Anderson) (one of my career and the other is a person of the same group of English) had be a presentation over the Interview about crossing the Antarctic Ocean. in that remember the life of an important person who is Ernest Shackleton and the captain of the ship Worsley and your adventures acroos the Antatic Ocean, And important experience and surviver adventure.

Our history is about the survive in the Antarctic Ocean and across around to the Ocean. This experience have about of two years, been exactly six hundred thirty four days, the journey is a real history about the successful of Ernest Shackleton and the captain of the ship Worsley. In this history went to the journey for about twenty eight people which has the crew members of the ship, in the end of the journey all the people survive of the Ocean, and the first ship sank and the characters had to go to the others ships and the nears countries lent the ships.
Interview about crossing the Antarctic Ocean

Scene 1:
Good afternoon, today we are going to talk about one of the biggest success in the last century; the cross of the Antarctic in nineteen eleven.  This was accomplished by Ernest Shackleton and twenty eight other crew members.
Us: We welcome Ernest Shackleton and Worsley, crew member and captain of the ship.
Please tell us about this journey.
Ernest: Well, first of all, thank you very much for invite us to your program. This travel experience became one of the most interesting of our lives.  The moment when we crossed the North Pole was very exciting as well as the survival challenges we faced. Is more interesting travel around the travel than the south. We thought it was going to take us one hundred and twenty days to complete this journey, but it took us much longer than that.
Interviewer: Ok ja ja ja. I hear about your trip from the Wesell Sea to the Ross Sea. What other places did you travel to? Please tell us about it, Worsley.
Worsley: Oh, I do not remember exactly all the place we travel to. I remember Ocean camp. This was the place where we camped for the first time after the ship sunk. I also remember the island of Paules, and the island of Gregoria. To arrive there we had to pass the internal sea. We were very happy to finally arrive to firm land.
Ernest: Yes, but we had to return to the Elephant island to pick up other crew members. We also had to take Mac Neish and a seaman that was very sick to the south of Gregoria Island. After that, we continue the route and traveled to Falkland Island for ice.
Interviewer: Can you tell me how long the journey was?
Worsley: It took about six hundred and thirty four days. Almost two years to complete. We could write a book about it.
See us an scene when Ernest Shackleton of who surviving in the South Pole.
Scene 2:
Shackleton: Pass me the fishing rod for catch a seal or a fish.
Worsley: Wait! that I was catching a big salmon. Its great!
Shackleton: Good!. This is seeying tasty and the biggest salmon that I never had seen.
Worsley: Oh In the end obtain us the fish.
Shackleton: Now we are going to cook this fish in a torch, prepare you the torch in a dry space, near to this tree.
Wosley: OK it’s a tasty food but wait here while I get some sticks and you bring a tray (batea) whit dry leaf in the equipment.
Shackleton: OK It is perfect. Already we see us.
Scene 3:
Interviewer: (laugh) that would be fine. This has become a goal for many travelers and survivors. Can you tell me what kind of food did you have during all this time? Oh, one more thing that remains unclear, after the ship sunk, who continue the travel?
Ernest: Regarding your first question, we varied the diet and ate healthy. As you know we live of fishing and catching penguins and seals. At that time, that was the only food we had at the moment to survive. Also, we read in encyclopedias about the things you should do to keep your spirit alive.
Interviewer: Oh, you have to have very high expectations to obtain such difficult goal. Not everyone is capable of crossing the sea around North Pole.
Worsley: (to Ernest). Ok my friend, but you have not answered the second question.
Ernest: We sailed in whaling “Southern Sky”, picked up our partners at the Elephant Island. Here the Uruguaya government gave us a haul ship (Barco Arrastero). From Punta Arena, with the Britain’s residents help, we called Emma and finally arrived to our destiny in a Chilen ship the “Yelcho”.
Interviewer: Can you tell me, what is very funny is that your big ship sunk, and the small ones didn’t.  This was a huge success and the history of the century, not only because not one new the routes but because all the crew members survived.
Shackleton: Yes and this success was based in two principles: have the proper equipment and the fighting spirit.

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